Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Fling - Wednesday Wrapup #3

Here's another 7 days worth of posts from our February Fling. Join in over on our Facebook page!

Day 14 February Fling: Jewelry - Look through your jewelry box (or dresser top if that’s the case) and get rid of any jewelry you never wear - maybe the necklace is out of style or the earrings hurt your ears or perhaps it was a gift from your Mother-in-Law. Destination: Donation bag for Goodwill or a battered women’s shelter.

Day 15 February Fling: Receipts - Go through your wallet/purse, junk drawer or dresser top and purge your receipts. Take a very quick look at them and then toss any that aren’t needed for budgeting purposes, business expenses or the tax man. This should be about 99% of the receipts you’ve held on to. Destination: Trash or shred.

Day 16 February Fling: Blurry Photos - Go through your phone/camera/computer and delete those blurry or unidentifiable photos. Give yourself the gift of space. Extra credit if you download those photos on your phone and camera onto your computer. Extra-extra credit if you go through your print photos as well! Destination: Trash can (virtual or real).

Day 17 February Fling: Shoes - Round up those shoes that you never wear, you know the ones that are covered in dust or that hurt your feet so they never see the light of day! Also any pair that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing in public. Destination: Donation bag or trash can depending on condition.

Day 18 February Fling: Hair Products - Look in your shower and under your bathroom sink and throw out those hair products (including shampoo and conditioner) that you are never going to finish using. Go ahead and admit that you'll never use that spiking gel or strange smelling shampoo again! Dump it down the sink and then recycle the bottles. Destination: Recycling bin.

Day 19 February Fling: Knick-Knacks - Browse your shelfs, table tops and other flat surfaces for bric-a-brac and other decorative items that is simply taking up space. Keep only want is beautiful to you and that you love. The rest are dust catchers. Having less stuff can cut house cleaning time by 40%! Destination: Donation bag.

Day 20 February Fling: Apps - Unused apps are taking up precious space on your phone and tablet. Take a few minutes to browse through your applications and delete those you never use. You can always download them again later if you need to. Destination: E-trash.

Happy Flinging!


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