Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Fling Day 31: E-books

Welcome to the Spring Fling. Join us every day in April to start flinging the clutter from your life!

I love my e-reader because it cuts down on the number of actual books in my home. But just as your actual bookshelves can become cluttered, so can your e-bookshelves. So today go through your e-reader and delete (to get rid of permanently) any book that you aren’t going to ready again or archive (to keep off the memory of your device but still in your account) ones you may read again or that you want to share with others.  In this day and age it is as important to keep our digital lives uncluttered as it is our physical surroundings.  Extra points if you group the remaining books into categories i.e. mysteries, romance, non-fiction.

Now go flinging!  Please come back and tell me how many e-books you were able to fling today.

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