Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Fling Day 32: Negativity

For our last fling I would like you to get rid of a negativity - negative self-talk, negative reactions to things you can’t control, negative feelings. When you find yourself thinking or saying something negative, stop yourself. Immediately think the opposite of the negative thought. For example if you say “I can’t believe I forgot the doctor’s appointment again!”, stop and say “I missed the doctor’s appointment but I’ll remember next time.” Sometimes just putting a little positivity into your life can make a big difference. I think you are all worth lots and lots of positive thoughts!

Fling away!

Andi Willis is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Good Life Organizing based in Perry, GA.  She is a home organizing expert who loves to help people find creative solutions to organize their homes and simplify their lives. Andi can help you get past the clutter and get on with your life! 

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